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I’m Melissa Brown, a Self-Love and Relationship Coach and this space was created for the woman who has been everything to everyone, but knows she is ready be so much more for herself. You’ve spent a lifetime taking care of other people, and now it’s your turn to take care of you. Maybe you’re a woman who is just going through the motions of life. You have a great career, a lovely home, and a family; on the outside it looks like you have everything, but the only thing missing is you. I invite you into a journey that allows you to make space for your life. 



for your


As a self-love and relationship coach, with a background as a psychotherapist, not only do I work with women to reconnect with themselves and their true desires; but I have helped numerous women gain clarity about relationships that have become confusing and chaotic. You will learn how to set boundaries, without feeling guilty and how to make healthy choices for you rather than people pleasing.  


Working with me as your coach is not so much about changing people, but all about changing you. You will see that your thoughts, and your beliefs create your world; and as you change your mind, you change your life.  


So if you are tired of feeling stuck or like everything is on you and ready for a change, I’m here for you. It’s time to rediscover you again.  It’s time to live a life your soul will love.

It is time to


you again.

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