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Your Needs Matter;

Let me help you reclaim your life.

So let me ask you

How much longer will you take care of everyone else at the expense of yourself?? 

Who convinced you that it was all on you? 

How much more can you give without getting anything back?

What else can you possibly do to make them change?

You’ve spent so much time and energy supporting everyone else, but who supports you?  You’ve given so much of yourself away, you feel like you have nothing left.  This is definitely not what you planned your life to be. You haven’t worked this hard to be unhappy and go through the motions.  Deep down you know there has to be more than this.  And you are right.

I want to help you tap into the power that is within you. 

Getting to a place of joy and peace can’t be about doing more or accomplishing more goals.  Nothing on the outside can fix what is hurting you on the inside.  So I am here to take you on a journey within.  Let me reconnect you with your soul, so you can remember why you are here.

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Client Success

I decided to say yes to myself, and I’m so happy I did. Being a part of Melissa’s intimate group of women allowed me the space to see I was not alone. As a successful woman, it can feel like you're in a lonely place, and to have the support of Melissa’s divine wisdom along with the other carefully selected women, provided me with the opportunity to address my own personal burdens, in this trusted space. Melissa’s style is gentle and firm, while she has a beautiful way of moving you out of the ‘stuck place’. It is clear that when you choose to work with Melissa, there is no more hiding and you will absolutely get what you came for AND more

- Alycia Huston

International Speaker, Certified NeuroCoach & ConsultantFounder of LeadHERship Adventures, LLC

My coaching programs

are designed for you if you…

  • Are ready to be unapologetic about who you were meant to be


  • Are ready to set healthy boundaries and be faithful to you


  • Are ready to go deeper into your essence and confidently own your power


  • Are ready to let go of self-sabotage, so you can truly be happy


to find out the ways for us to work together.



It’s Your Time and

Finally, It’s Your Turn…


Check out my latest retreats which run several times a year. 


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