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Love & Success


- Regina

Government ExecutiveWashington DC Area

When I joined Rise, I expected to receive Melissa branded wisdom and insight. I genuinely thought I could go over a few areas of my inner self, maybe revise my thinking to get out of my own way and then I would be able to “rise”.


What I received from Rise was SOOOO much more than what I expected! I was able to dig deeper and shine a light on me, the real me. This was not a “neck up” coaching circle. I had to work from a heart space each time. Part of the reason for that was because I was not expecting to receive the level of sisterhood that I did from this coaching circle. Each time the women told their stories, I was them and they were me! From day one, there was a divine connection. I was not able to sit in the corner and remain in the background because my sisterhood would not let me…. their stories, their growth, their being would not let me stay in the background. As each one of my sisters was going through their process, I saw myself in that process and I was able to learn and grow right along with them. I was challenged to acknowledge my strengths and bare my wounds to our sacred circle for healing.


I have learned to just be. I have accepted that I am a leader and I stand on that because God has given me the qualities to lead even if the title/job/recognition may not always seem to align with that. I must continue to walk in whom God ordained me to be before I was formed in the womb, even if it is not what is on paper. I have also learned that leaders are grown in the struggles that the crowd cannot see. The wrestling that happens when the lights go out and the crowd is not cheering and to continue to trust whom God says I am and that I am his daughter whom He will not withhold his good, good gifts from.


By opening my heart and being equally vulnerable with my sisters in this group, I have grown in faith, compassion, strength and in wisdom. I have made new genuine heart-to-heart connections with women that will last a lifetime.

Wow, how my life has changed since meeting Melissa!  A friend of mine referred her to me.  When I reached out little did I know that she had moved from around the corner to thousands of miles from me!  That didn't matter.  Technology allowed me to receive all that I needed from Melissa and more.  When I connected with Melissa I was in a place of depletion.  I was tired and what was even worse is I felt that my fatigue came from taking care of everyone except myself.  Melissa immediately recognized where I was and her method of making changes from the soul outward really helped me to make the changes needed to refuel.  I was able to move from depletion to full.


Since meeting Melissa I have come to embrace self-care and I've learned to pursue my "best yes," to avoid returning to depletion.  Learning this was especially needed as Melissa walked me through the grief cycle I experienced when my father passed away.  She taught me to tap into myself, she encouraged me to carry on the cherished legacy left by my father, and she helped me to gain the courage to offer me to the world.  I've finished a book and I've launched my company that's dedicated to helping women to break free of limiting beliefs, embrace community and launch the things that they believed they were unable to do. 


My coaching relationship with Melissa has added such volume to my life, and her friendship has brought so much joy and appreciation for her?


- Alethia

Human Resources Executive

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