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It’s Your Time and

Finally, It’s Your Turn…


To do something that is just for you

To treat yourself to the very best in life

To be pampered and treated like a Queen


You are worthy of all of this and so much more…

Soul Love Retreats...

are truly a one of a kind experience, where you get to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world while taking time to rest and renew your soul and spirit.  You will spend an average of 5 days in paradise and find that your senses are heightened and open to hearing from God for wherever you may find yourself in life.  This is so much more than your average vacation, but a week of high-level transformation. 

  • Experience intimate group sessions that will heal your heart


  • The excursions will help you to rediscover your potential 


  • Take time to reflect and think surrounded by beauty and nature


  • Get your joy back as you laugh, cry, and have fun with your sisters

Group Shot.jpg

Space is limited for these events,

and first priority is given to group coaching participants and current clients.

At my retreats, you are not just another attendee or one of many. But I ensure that every woman who attends is seen, heard, and loved on; not just during the retreat; but you will develop friendships and relationships that will be there for you long after the retreat is over. 

Past locations include:

Bali, Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, Cayman Island,,  Cancun, Mexico, St. Lucia, and Jamaica


- Shavon

Wife, Mother, & Educator

Client Experience

I was introduced to Melissa as a therapist/coach at a time in my life that I desperately needed and was seeking a change. My marriage was rocky, but more so, I realized I needed to get to the root of my dysfunction that was spilling over to every part of my life. Before I even had my first personal session with Melissa, I saw a post for her retreat to Cabo San Lucas and decided that I was going! The decision was simple because she was already shifting my thought process and understanding through her wisdom and insight from her FREE Mini Emotional Detox Facebook sessions. 


When considering the investment, I didn’t hesitate at all. I paid my deposit and said to myself, I DON’T KNOW HOW, BUT I’M GOING. I’m so glad I had the faith to believe what I spoke. The retreat was life-changing. I experienced powerful sessions that allowed me to understand how the broken pieces of my life formed a beautiful mosaic, and I was able to see and understand myself from a new perspective. I also must say the accommodations, activities, and personalized gifts exceeded my expectations! I truly felt like a queen.


I often share my experience of having a therapist & coach with other women. I always tell them that my time with Melissa and the money that I have spent has been the best investment that I have made in myself to date. I would encourage women who know that they have deeply rooted trauma or dysfunction that they may not be able to identify fully-- but know that it is causing cycles of frustration, insecurities and wreaking havoc on every relationship or their self-worth--to make the investment and get the answers that can help set them free. 

Bali Retreat photo.jpg
Bali Swing.JPG

Upcoming Retreat Locations include:

St. Lucia - June 15th-19th

The Island of Grenada- Nov. 9-14 2023


Montego Bay, Jamaica- January 12-16 2024

Jamaica promo.jpg

Design a VIP Weekend

If you can’t attend a scheduled group retreat, then design your very own VIP weekend with me. A private retreat is a unique, custom made experience that is perfect for the woman who needs her own time away from it all, and needs sacred time and space to sort things out, as well as time to be revived.  Together we will decide on the perfect location that your soul needs as well as your intentions for the weekend.  This is a high-level investment for the woman or couple that knows what they want and need, but are looking for spiritual support and strategy to get them there.  All of my VIP weekends include luxurious accommodations, personalized spa treatments, and personal coaching to get you to your desired goals.


Client Experience

My wife and I went on a wonderful private VIP weekend hosted by The Soul Love Coach, Melissa Brown in Scottsdale, Arizona. I decided to invest in myself and my marriage because I always look for ways for personal growth and ways to improve my marriage. I was not hesitant to participate in this VIP weekend. I knew this was going to be a good investment. It was excellent timing since my wife and I was stepping into a new business opportunity and we wanted to make sure we were aligned with each other. Most importantly, we knew we could trust Melissa to add value to our lives. 


The VIP weekend tremendously exceeded my expectations in several ways. It was a first-class trip to a luxurious resort. Melissa planned out the entire trip that was well-paced and high quality. Melissa provided sessions throughout the day but allowed time to enjoy Scottsdale and each other. Melissa Brown adds value to lives, couples and families.  She has a way to make you see yourself and giving you ways to personally improve.


I highly recommend other couples to take advantage of Melissa’s retreats. You will improve as a person and as a couple… Invest in you and your marriage!

- Jarriel
President & Founder of Jacob's Ladder & Co-owner of The Home Team Realty Group

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