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The Soul Surrender Weekend Intensive

November 4th -6th 2022

AC Marriott Hotel

National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland

It's time.

Time to stop wishing and hoping for a different life, but time to create one. Time to stop
secretly suffering from the wounds of your past and sabotaging your future.

Who told you that you were not enough? Who told you that you were “too much”, “too big”, or “too broken” to live your best life? You’ve already been through so much, you owe it to yourself to transform that pain into something powerful; into purpose.

Since 2020 you have been waiting for a more convenient time. You have to wait for a straight path with little to no obstacles. You’ve waited for the kids to get older, for you to get skinnier, and have more money. But can I tell you there is no such thing as perfect timing. Your healing is going to inconvenience you. It’s going to make you uncomfortable, but you can’t afford to wait anymore. In this season it’s you versus you. Your old story versus the new story of you that is waiting to be lived.


I know for a fact what it’s like to be blindsided by life. In 2022 (the year of the double) I’ve gone
through hurt, betrayal, and unexpected divorce after 17 years. My business has had some of the highest
highs and the lowest of lows. I became an instant single parent, with all my support being hundreds of
miles away. And all I was trying to do was just be a “good person” and make a difference. But we were
never called to be “good”. We are not called to be nice and stay out of everyone’s way. You are great.
You are Divine. You are a whole move of God, and you can’t even fathom what God has prepared for
And while God is not the author of our pain, God is a master at how to transform it. The things that
wound us also have a way of waking us up to ourselves. Life will shake you and show you yourself. It
will challenge you to turn up the volume on your voice and how to unapologetically shine your light. But
only if you decide to stop running. And I want to help you to face it, to feel it, and ultimately heal and
become whole.

So when I say God has taught me a million times to Surrender, understand I have lived what I say. I am a
witness that all too often, the way to your next level is down. And while there is so much that has
happened that you may not understand, I want to give you sacred space to even ask your questions.

I’ve been doing the work of healing with women for 25 years,

and I know that all of us have a deep need
to be seen, heard, and understood. And I want to invite you into an experience where no explanation of yourself is necessary. Where you can be seen without judgement and cared for emotionally and



how different your life could be if you were fully free. What if you were excited about the possibilities of the future instead of feeling regret over your past?

I want to help you actually process your grief, pain, and disappointments so they don’t wake you up at
3am demanding your attention. I want to help you get off auto-pilot and survival mode and really start
living your life. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved. And you are worthy of the things
you dream of.
I’m taking what I normally do with women over 12 weeks and giving it to you in an intensive weekend
experience. Give me 3 days and I will give you back your life. The Soul Surrender Weekend will allow
you to step into the healing vortex and truly release all of the labels other people put on you, so you can
remember what and whom God calls you.

What takes people years to process in therapy, my clients are able to release and transform in a matter
of days. The Soul Surrender weekend is about taking the limits off yourself and what God is able to do
with you. What was designed to harm you, God is able to use for the saving of many lives.

So let me invite you to come out of your need to control everyone and everything. Let me help you
remove the walls that you thought would keep you safe, but are keeping you feeling lost and alone. You
are being called to break the patterns that have been showing up in your blood line for years. And what
if you are the one you’ve been waiting for?

The Soul Surrender Weekend Intensive is perfect for anyone going through major life transitions that
make you question who you are now.









Separation/ Divorce

Death of a parent/ loved one

Major health crisis

Children Leaving the Nest

Loss of job/ career goals

Unresolved Anger/ Trauma

Deep level Disappointment in others or self

A Deep Desire for More out of Life

It may not be for you if you are a woman who is…

  • Stuck and Committed to your old story

  • Resistant and unwilling to be coached

  • Needing to blame someone or something

  • A Curious Skeptic (wanting only to observe others, but not participate)

I am blessed to say that my work is my ministry, so I make this invitation only to those committed to
their own healing and transformation, and who are willing to hold sacred space for others. This
invitation is for women who have “decided” that it is no longer acceptable for them to smile on the
outside but be in deep emotional pain on the inside. It is for the strong woman who is not afraid to
admit that she needs support and love too.

My group coaching circles are normally $3500-$5000, but the investment for this weekend intensive is just $787 (in full) or two payments of $487. You are worth this investment and so much more. You have made time for everyone else and moved heaven and earth to make sure those you love get what they need; now your soul needs you to show up for you.

These are critical times, that require making bold moves. You are not a spectator in your life, you are
the main character and I invite you to imagine where you will be 6 months from now if you don’t take
the next step to heal the wounds within you. What pattern will continue to play out with you and those
you love if you don’t do something drastically different?


So believe God and do this for you.

I promise, that more than you could ever ask, think, or imagine is waiting just for you. Are you ready to Surrender?

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What's not included...

• Accommodations if you elect to stay at the National Harbor for the Weekend  • Saturday Dinner • Attendees are responsible for their own transportation to get to the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD whether local or travelling from out of town.

Contact the AC Marriott Hotel directly for our special group rate of $234 a night.  Our special room rate expires October 14th.

What’s included….


Two and a half days of intensive inner work to heal your past and embrace the promise of the future.


Lunch on Saturday.


A Welcome reception on Friday night.


Intimate break out groups during the weekend to process your deeper emotions.


Continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.


All conference materials.


A conference gift bag to support your healing and wellness.

Register Now





2 Payments of $487 

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