Little did I know that my first session with Melissa Brown, was the first day of my path toward a fulfilled life. I went in with the sole purpose of gaining tools to fix the others around me and instead ended up making a better ME, which ultimately led to the people closest to me getting better as well. From the outside, I had it all...but on the inside, it was not so. Most days I felt like the incredible invisible woman. I was at a point in my life where I spent all my life's energy giving everything I had to others and expecting to them to refill my well...leaving me empty and void of feeling loved, accomplished and fulfilled. Working with Melissa taught me how to live in abundance. 


She coached me into understanding my worth and why I needed to give myself what I was giving to others. My sessions with her helped me understand how my true belief system was keeping me from the life, love and inner happiness I so desperately desired. Melissa helped me to make small but necessary adjustments to my core beliefs and self talk so that I could get what I believed I deserved. My continued work with Melissa now has me operating from a place of overflow and I am truly living a fulfilled life, from the inside out.

- Wyevetra


Melissa has been instrumental in my life in a positive way. She has a wealth of knowlegde, she's gentle in her approach and will only push you when she see's you're ready. When I reached out to her, I was stuck but I was ready to do the work. She equipped me with the tools to help me get to the next level spiritually, emotionally, and in relationships. As a result, I feel worthy to have everything I desire out of life.

- Sacreia

After three months of multiple ends breaking lose in my life, I found Melissa.  Through her positive direction, guidance, and coaching, I made significant strides and continue to do so.  I have been working on myself for years with many different professionals, and I feel at home for the first time EVER!  Melissa is a God sent blessing and I am thankful each and every day.

- Christine

She changed my life and shifted my lens...I operate in my truest self now.  I feel blessed to have found her.

- Danielle

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