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You deserve the best; considering everything you do and give to everyone else, you deserve to experience a good life too.  You’ve gotten used to making sacrifices, but now you realize you have sacrificed way too much.  You thought if you gave to other people they would give to you at the same level.  But let me tell you that in life you rarely get what you deserve, but


So if you have been living with no requirements or boundaries, I know exactly what you have been getting. So my work is about helping you to guard your heart.  It’s about saying no to some people and things, so you can say yes to yourself.  Soul love is all about making courageous choices that let the world know that you matter and you are worthy of God’s best.  

Private Coaching

Let Me Help You to Rediscover You

Private coaching is my highly customized service that is tailor-made to meet you right where you are.  Every woman has a story and over the next 4 to 6 months, you get to recreate yours. 


Private coaching is an excellent option if you need a sacred space to discuss sensitive issues and experience deep level healing.  I will guide you through my proven Soul Love Method that will allow you to let go of the past and see what is possible for you in the future. Private coaching offers you the spiritual and emotional framework to fully own your power and reclaim your life.  


Client Success

Working with Melissa taught me how to live in abundance…

She coached me into understanding my worth and why I needed to give myself what I was giving to others. My sessions with her helped me understand how my old belief system was keeping me from life, love and inner happiness I so desperately desired. Her coaching helped me to make small but necessary adjustments to my daily patterns and self-talk so that I could get what I know I deserved. I am now operating from a place of overflow and living a fulfilled life, from the inside out.

- Wyevetra

Real Estate Broker

Group Coaching

Get Ready to Elevate Your Mind and Transform Your Life

Rise is your invitation to heal your past, surrender what you can’t control, and re-member whom God says you are.  Rise is a 12-week group coaching circle for women who are committed to elevating in every area of life.


This group is limited in size so that each person can receive the personal attention they deserve.  Rise is offered twice a year and is by application only. 


Client Success

When I joined the Rise Coaching Circle I expected a safe space for me to be my authentic self (and I got it!). Melissa gave me thought-provoking tools to take a deeper dive into my authentic self.  The person hidden under the layers of years of suppressing my own and truth.

I can’t believe how much I have grown. I've learned to fully embrace the person behind the mask.  As a matter of fact to not wear a mask at all.  I own her with ALL the bells and whistles that come along with being ME! 



When I think about this community of women, I realize now that I prayed for this -- Outside of my blood sisters, I've never had a bevvy of "female friends" -- I typically fly solo -- yet I remember asking God to send me those that would accept me for me -- a simple request that meant a lot to me.  I am able to bare my soul in this group...cry... laugh...all of it -- and not feel threatened or that I have to hide who I really am. 

- Cynthia 

CPA/ Entrepreneur

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